The Last Of Us


Age Rating18 TheLastOfUs.jpg




Release Date14 June, 2013 
PlatformsPlaystation 3, Playstation 4 
Mode(s)Single-player, Online Multiplayer 


The Last Of Us is an action packed survival horror. It's set in a future where zombies have over run the world and the population has thinned out.  Joel is tasked to take a teenager girl, Ellie, to a terrorist groups hide out to be safe, however it all goes wrong and they end up having to trek across the whole of the US. Who doesn't love a zombie apocalypse game? As you go through the game you will meet a variety of different people with different personalities who will shape the way you look at the world. This game has alot of gory violence and quite abit of bad language. I recommend this game to thrill seeking adventures who want to bash some zombies skulls.